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Premium Snapper + Liquidator 2.0 (25 cm/10" - 35 cm/14")

NEW - Unique release of the Premium Snapper handle via the EXPERIENCE TOOLBOX including also a LIQUIDATOR 25 cm and LIQUIDATOR 35 cm. In addition, you will find the leaflet with all the tips and the possibility to log in to see all exclusive films to become even more efficient and get more out of your EASE tools. Also take a chance to win lifelong Moerman tools *!

  • NEW Premium handle
  • LIQUIDATOR channel 25 cm
  • LIQUIDATOR channel 35 cm

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10pcs/box Product reference
Experience Toolbox - English ID24684
Experience Toolbox - French ID24685
Experience Toolbox - German ID24686
Liquidator 2.0 Liquidator 2.0

Liquidator 2.0

No water residues in corner and edges

The LIQUIDATOR 2.0 is a channel with specially designed end tips that support the Dura-Flex® rubber blades all the way to the outer edges of the rubber blade. This allows the LIQUIDATOR 2.0 to go all the way to the edge of the window, leaving zero water residues, drastically reducing cumbersome and time consuming cloth prepping and detailing.

  • Patented design
  • Permanently fixed end clips
  • Precision cut for streak-free results
  • Plastic tips are gentle for the frame
  • Lightweight material
  • Center channel dots
  • Fits all handles

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Premium Snapper + Liquidator 2.0 (25 cm - 35 cm)

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