Dura-Flex® Dura-Flex® Dura-Flex®


Unique know how of natural rubber

Differentiation of rubber types. Quality hallmark = strengthen market position!

  • Durable - lasts long
  • Strong & Flexible - resistance to tearing and abrasion
  • Excellent elasticity - recover their shape after use
  • Closed cell rubber - perfect density and does not absorb water.
  • Multi-surface - smooth or uneven surfaces
  • Double rubber blade‚Äč - superior cleaning results
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Easy Fix+ Easy Fix+

Easy Fix+

with IT / DE / FR insert in one!

Unique to the Easy Fix + is the insert that fits with three types of thread: French, German and Italian thread. If the handle is fitted with one of these three types of thread, it fits flawlessly on the Easy Fix + floor squeegee.

  • ease of use: fit three types of thread
  • also available with ACME thread
  • reinforced insert for professional use
  • black natural rubber
  • blue or black insert
  • available in 35 - 45 - 55 cm
Hygienic Monoblade squeegee Hygienic Monoblade squeegee

Hygienic Monoblade squeegee

color coded in one piece!

Suitable for: food industry, professional kitchen, hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical industry.

  • protected soft touch edges
  • available with ACME thread
  • autoclavable 138°C
  • one piece squeegee: no hidden bacteria
  • effective double splash guard for push and pull movement
  • available in 30 - 40 - 50 -60 cm
  • ‚Äčavailable in 14" - 18" - 22" - 24"

your partner in both professional and domestic squeegees