Liquidator NXT-R® rubber

New all-season rubber from Moerman fits into the Liquidator channel.

Available as of November 2019! 
Extra windows for the maestro please.
The NXT-R symphony is as smooth and machine-turned as one would expect. Making each window cleaner a lifelong top conductor, getting their customers on the very edge of their seats. A fine piece of rubber with a sense of grandeur ensuring window cleaners now absolute peaks from the overture in the morning until the finale in the evening.

NXT-R is the perfect rubber for the best squeegees. Get ready for sheer window cleaning pleasure.

With the choice of 5 sizes in Original Liquidator cut rubber, fits our unique design of the Liquidator channell: 25cm / 10”, 30cm / 12”, 35cm / 14”, 45cm / 18”, 55cm / 22”
Slide the NXT-R in your preferred channel and count how many more days this will last!
  • Excellent performance and durability
  • Perfect glide
  • All-season rubber for top performances
  • Excellent grip on all kind of windows
  • Unique turquoise colour
  • Each rubber inspected manually
  • Made in Europe

10 pcs/polybag Product reference
Liquidator NXT-R® rubber 25cm / 10" ID 25871
Liquidator NXT-R® rubber 30 cm / 12" ID 25872
Liquidator NXT-R® rubber 35cm / 14" ID 25873
Liquidator NXT-R® rubber 45cm / 18" ID 25874
Liquidator NXT-R® rubber 55cm / 22" ID25875