F*LIQ microfiber sleeve

The F*LIQ sleeve has a durable microfibre quality with additionally F*LIQ clip that are made of durable plastic, it's the ultimate add-on for your LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel. Together with the EXCELERATOR grip you can build your Ultimate Squeezee from our EASE systems range. Available in 25cm/10" - 35cm/14" - 45cm/18".

  • Part of the LIQUIDATOR channel! 
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy click-on system for the LIQUIDATOR channel
  • Replacement F*LIQ clips are available
  • Easy on/off F*LIQ clips
  • 100% high quality microfiber
  • Extra padding ensures high water retention
  • Washable at 60°
  • High tear and wear resistance
cleaning power superior
color turquoise
material plush face  100 % polyester MICROFIBER
material backing 70 % PES / 30 % Hot Melt
fiber length +- 16 mm
weight 1045 g/m²
scrub pad no
fastener F*LIQ clips
loop inside n/a
machine washable yes - 60°

10pcs/box Product reference
F*LIQ microfiber sleeve 25 cm / 10" ID23521
F*LIQ microfiber sleeve 35 cm / 14" ID23522
F*LIQ microfiber sleeve 45 cm / 18" ID23523


The "Ultimate Squeegee"

demo video

Check the time saving between the ULTIMATE SQUEEGEE featuring the EXCELERATOR, LIQUIDATOR and F*LIQ compared to traditional tools.

Excelerator 2.0