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Innovation Award at the London Cleaning Show 2019!


We won the Innovation Award with the Excelerator 2.0 in the segment of most innovative Window Cleaning tool at the London Cleaning Show!

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Excelerator 2.0 y Dr. Angle - NUEVO


Available as of May/June 2019. The next generation angle adapter is born and the Excelerator is redesigned and improved!

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Combinator 2.0 - NUEVO


Moerman engineers are driven to perfection by building the highest performance window cleaning tools. We are proud to introduce the Combinator 2.0, one of the flagships of the entire Moerman range.

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Squeeze Deluxe 5L recarga con pico


Ahora la recarga está disponible para complementar el Squeeze Deluxe 500ml existente.

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Aktions- und informationstag Riehemann - Deutschland


Auch in diesem Jahr findet am 02.03.2018 von 9:00-16:00 Uhr die Riehemann Tag der Glasreinigung statt. Und Moerman ist dabei!

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¡Nuestro nuevo sitio web está en línea!


► New year, new website. We're proud to let you surf through our new website.

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